"November - or any month really - is a good month to eat oysters" - Bob

“I love oysters, I always have, my whole life. There is something about the saltiness, and how they smell like the marsh, that can transport you to the coast.


Oysters make me reminisce of times with my father on the back porch, opening shells for him and his friends with the promise of keeping the pearls should I find any. I'm reminded of treasured memories I have cracking shells on the dock with my grandkids - barefoot and happy - appreciating a simple, wonderful gift of nature.


I painted N.C. Oysters, on the front porch of the guest house at my Studio, with all this in mind - my love of oysters, my love for our coast, and my gratitude for all those committed to restoring and preserving the North Carolina oyster habitats.”


While custom framing is available, we are offering the following two "Bob-selected" framing options:

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